Let’s face it - You’re weird


EMBRACE the weird! Life’s too short to care what other people think, and it’s boring to be like everyone else.

To all the dreamers, the creatives, collectors, kids at heart, and most importantly to anyone who was ever made to feel less than for being who they are or liking what they like: you matter and you’re not alone ♥︎



I'm the owner and creator of Lucid Rabbit. I'm a professional artist from BC, Canada, currently living in the city of Salmon Arm.

I was(am) the weird kid. I’ve struggled with bullying throughout my life, because of how I looked or what I liked. I’ve always loved art, crafting, collecting things, Halloween, the paranormal, cartoons… You get the idea.

I spent many years working in the animation industry as a designer and colour artist for cartoons you may have seen. I eventually became burned out, and was no longer as inspired as I once was, and needed a change.

I started collecting crystals, which helped me to reconnect to my interests and my inner child. In 2019, Lucid Rabbit was born.

I’m so thankful you’re here. Your support of my small shop allows me to continue creating, continue dreaming, and to support myself and my furry children. I couldn’t do it without you!

♥︎ Steen